Cold in Winter, as you might expect in the Alps, but beautifully warm in Summer for sunbathing and swimming in the lake - and sunny so much of the time throughout the year! Yes, we get Alpine storms but usually they clear quickly and we have been surprised at how sunny and warm it can be in Spring and Autumn. The GALLERY includes images taken in April and October as well as during the summer. (One week in late October a year or two ago, not only was it Sunny but we had afternoon temperatures in the mid-high twenties!)

You can check out the weather now at one of Annecy's several web-cams around the lake by clicking here and then the tabs for Webcam followed by "Webcams du Lac" or "D'autres webcam". The BBC's forecast for the next few days or the forecast below are useful for tracking the weather as your arrival date approaches!

2021-09-25 26°C
2021-09-26 20°C
2021-09-27 22°C
2021-09-28 21°C
2021-09-29 13°C